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Nectaflor Honey

Natural Blossom Honey

Distinctive & Rich. It lovingly combines a bouquet of floral fragrances with a distinctive and rich flavor

Typical multi-floral honey. From the nectar of multitude of flowers. Amber transparent colour. Nice sweetness, well-balanced aroma and taste. Typical summer honey. Delicious on toast, bread, in yogurts, Labneh, for cooking. While applied on dry skin smoothes and softens the same.

Natural Acacia Honey

Light & smooth. It combines a light texture with a smooth finish and a deliciously fruity, sweet flavor.

Mono-floral honey. From the nectar of the flowers of Acacia Tree. Transparent 18 carat gold colour. Very delicate spring honey, sweetish and fine scented aroma. Fast running, a healthy sugar replacement. For local sweets during Ramadhan and Eid's. Applied on wet hair and then rinsed, give a shiny, soft hair. For a soft and radian skin.

Black Forest Honey

Full-bodied & Malty. This delicacy combines a dark coloring with a full-bodied, rich and malty fragrance.

From the sap of fir trees, growing on central Europe. Very dark to black colour. Full-bodied, savoury but mild, very "dry" with a smooth and licorice finish. Thick, slow running. High in mineral and potassium. Calming and curing infection of the respiratory tract and throat. Especially local consider Black Forest Honey as the "true" honey.

Natural Forest Honey

Unique & Malty. Carefully selected, this forest honey has a malty flavor drawn from the depths of the forest, a full-bodied texture and a rich color.

From the sap of forest trees. Dark greenish. Full-bodied aroma, slightly spicy taste. Aroma less suit on the tongue. Slow running, rich in ethereal oil and resins consumed directly from the spoon, helps overcome flu and cold. Recommended for curing infections of the upper respiratory tract.

Andy Bee Honey

A pure natural delight for kids

  • Especially for the target group children developed honey in a practical squeeze bottle offer high convenience
  • Easy and drip-free dispensing, totally without any effort
  • Small, handy squeeze bottle which fits perfectly in every child’s hand.
  • 100% natural blossom honey with a lovely sweetish, mild taste

For the love of the pure

Our love of beekeeping and our deep bond with nature are our passion for more than 50 years. We select our honey carefully from the best origins and prepare it with care and under constant quality control in Switzerland.

The brand Nectaflor® stands for premium quality honey, 100% pure and natural. It symbolizes a modern European Lifestyle brand – honest, premium, indulgent and full of natural-goodness.

100% Natural

  • Nectaflor® natural honey is a 100% pure natural product of premium quality from Switzerland
  • Constant quality control guarantee first-class products and product safety
  • Nectaflor® natural honey is HALAL and the Swiss factory is officially approved by the Ministry of Agriculture from Indonesia in 2017.

Narimpex Ltd. successfully assessed and certified

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